Thorsten Quaeschning.

Member of Tangerine Dream he is now one of the most inovative musicians in our scene. Toghether with Ulrich Schnauss and Hoshiko Yamane they re invented Tangerine Dream. The new Session series part of the live performances makes coming to the TD performances exciting!! Expect a special Thorsten Session with some of the finest other EM artists around!


Wolfram Spyra

If there is one artist I always love seeing it is Wolfram. His music has a freshness that is second to none. His latested album "Dunst" is regarded as one of the finest releases of 2018. And his live perfomrnaces are always exciting.


Stephen Whitlan

As a solo artist he has been playing music for over 30 Years and as a member of John Dyson's gang has preformed numerous of times and is considered one of the most virtuosa Synth players in our scene.
His solo works are musical. And the albums he made with Wavestar II and Ron Boots are worth the listen. On stage he feels at home, come and check him out!!


RHEA (Marc de Wit)

One of Belgiums leading Synthesists he makes a perfect mix of Space music and Ambient soundscapes with a touch of Berlin School. His concerts are small gems of musical splendor. 


And in the upperroom

Volker Rapp

Volker Rapp makes great musical projects that stretched over 25 Years. Melting Art, Performances and Music in one great Project. He will make the upperroom a room to visit more then once this day!!



Groove Shop