Pyramax (Pyramid Peak & Maxxess


PYRAMAXX was founded in February 2015 as a logical consequence of the collaboration of 3 musicians and good friends, which used to perform together from time to time for than 10 years. Finally their musical cooperation has reached its climax in a fantastic debut-album: Distance

PYRAMAXX is the common project of the Leverkusen/Germany based band Pyramid Peak (Axel Stupplich & Andreas Morsch) and guitar player Max maxxess Schiefele.

PYRAMAXX define their music as “ERM – Electronic Rock Music” and sound powerful, melodic, sometimes experimental but first of all distinctive.

PYRAMAXX have definitely found their own authentic style. Their actual CD Distance  is out now and  contains seven songs between 6:00 and 12:00 minutes.
If you like the music of maxxess and Pyramid Peak you will surely love this album. Mystic atmospheres, sparkling sequences and dynamic beats can be found on every track and Max’ soulful and perfectly played guitar runs like a golden thread through the CD and is a highlight of the electronic music year 2015 and will be performed live on stage a few times in 2016.



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