Ian Boddy


Ian Boddy

( Arc and Redshift)

Ian Boddy first got into composing music in the late 70’s in Newcastle upon Tyne whilst studying for a degree in Biochemistry. Having fallen in love with the sound-worlds of German electronic bands such as Tangerine Dream, he came across an arts centre that housed a studio filled with reel-to-reel tape machines and analogue synthesisers. Boddy taught himself how to use this equipment through a process of experimentation, thus began a long and successful music career.

Emerging from the post Tangerine Dream/Cosmic Music generation, Ian Boddy has carved out a position as a distinctive independent composer and performer. A consistent presence on the European electronic music scene since the late 1970s, this British based sonic explorer established the DiN label in 1999; a venture which allows Boddy to collaborate with a variety of musicians as well as to release material by other innovative artists. Thus far DiN has released 30 CDs (with Boddy involved musically in many) and achieved widespread critical acclaim for its adventurous outlook at the world of electronic music.

His work with ARC and Redshift is legendary as are their concerts! And now since long we have Ian solo again on stage!

Here is a clip with Ian Creating live space music at Echoes in 2018.


 And a part of his great Gatherings performance!



Groove Shop

20 January 2020